Djay DiscDJ Music Player

This app empowers you to remix your favorite songs, allowing you to craft amazing tunes with your personalized music playlist.

Experience the thrill of remixing your favorite songs and creating unforgettable musical moments with your very own playlist using our free app, ‘DJ Mixing Studio.’ Whether you’re a seasoned professional DJ or just beginning your journey in song mixing, this app is designed to cater to your musical aspirations. Mix hits on the turntables, perform live on the go, create loops, and apply stunning FXs in real-time.

Whether you’re mixing professionally or simply exploring the world of music creation, ‘DJ Studio – Free Music Mixer’ offers an intuitive yet powerful mixing experience. Transform your device into a fully featured DJ system with the following features:

  • Inbuilt Audio Effects like echo, equalizer
  • Real-time rendering of your audio mix
  • Record your vocals and mix them with karaoke tracks
  • Mix various audio tracks for a musical jam
  • HD sound quality for an immersive experience
  • Create audio loops of your tracks
  • Trim each track on the fly while making an audio mix

It’s the perfect tool for musicians and music enthusiasts who want to quickly create a jam track for practice or impress friends with a unique audio mix.

Step 1: Upon installing our magnificent application on your PC or laptop, it will guide you to the home screen, offering the option to ‘Start Mixing.’ Elevate your DJing experience and download ‘Djay DiscDJ Music Player – 3D Dj Music Mixer Studio’ to become a DJ in just days.

Step 2:-  Mix multiple tracks effortlessly by clicking on the “Add music” button to load a track of your choice. Once you’ve selected your desired tracks, start the mixing process. To listen to your mix, simply hit the “play” button.

Step 3:-  Explore creativity by selecting different tracks and modifying them according to your preferences to craft a unique melody. Experiment with various alterations until the melody embodies your desired sound.

Step 4:-  After adding audio, proceed to adjust the effects based on the given settings. Experiment with different effect settings until you achieve the desired sound for your mix.

Step 5:-  Once you’ve finished creating your mixed track, save it and share the musical masterpiece with your friends and family. Share the track effortlessly via various platforms, including social media, email, or messaging apps. Let your creativity resonate with others!

Step 6:-  Utilize the start button to initiate playing the song, and when needed, employ the stop button during the mixing process to halt the song. These controls provide you with precision and control over your mixing experience.