Screen Recorder & Video Recorder - Livestream Recorder

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Livestream Recorder is a full-featured but lightweight screen recorder from a developer known for the best applications in the market. It can record your conversations with no limitations and is therefore useful for interviews and online conference calls.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Live Stream Recorder Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Live Stream Recorder is a full-fledged lightweight screen recorder by one of the best developers. From interviews to conference calls, it can record all your conversations limitlessly. Also, different Windows applications are often singled out and captured as discrete elements. Included is a basic user-friendly image editor that can give an amazing look. Screen Recorder – Record Audio, Capture, Edit has all of the latest tools and features that you’ll need. You can easily create as well as edit GIFs. It also offers webcam recording and canvas recording. The configurations that are available here are sought by various professionals and industry experts. It gives you the immense pleasure of smooth functioning and immersive usability. You get all the features including Overlays, Editing tool settings, FFmpeg editing.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Live Stream Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Windows that helps you record smooth & HD videos and save them as GIFs or in video format.

With features ranging from screen capture, screen video recorder to video editor this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, gameplays, live shows, and non-downloadable videos.

Features of Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Live Stream Recorder

  • Import frames from the video and customizes them.
  • Full frame by frame editing of GIFs.
  • Capture HD canvas recordings and take away duplicate frames.
  • Reduce frame count and manage all frames in GIFs.
  • Resize, crop, and add text, drawing, watermark, cinema graph, border, shadow, and more.
  • Make your capture aesthetic by adding transitions.
  • Capture frequency per second, per minute, and hour.
  • Save your recordings in either GIF or video format.
  • Crop images: remove unwanted parts.

Step 1:-  Launch  Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Livestream Recorder application in your device.

  • Click on Recorder button To Record Your device screen.

Step 2:-  After click on web-cam your device webcam will open, you can also select your webcam by selection in webcam recorder.

Step 3:-  You can also resize recording size by using add manual size or drag to increase box size.

  • There is Record and Stop Icon to start or stop recording.
  • You can also set fps from here also (FPS frames Per Second)
  • After start recording time will start and after stop you will redirect to edit to edit your record video recording.