Invitation Maker, Card Design - Video Invitation

Create personalized animated video invitations effortlessly! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more. Download now for a new level of creativity!

Invitation Maker, Card Design – Video Invitation is a user-friendly application that empowers you to craft stunning and personalized animated invitation videos for diverse occasions. The app provides an extensive selection of pre-built templates, enabling you to effortlessly design invitation cards for weddings, Christmas parties, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, collage events, baby showers, housewarmings, and more. Bid farewell to traditional paper invitations and embrace the convenience and creativity of digital video invitations.

Key Features:

  1. Pre-built Templates: The app offers a diverse collection of professionally designed templates tailored to different events and occasions. Choose the template that suits your needs and sets the right tone for your invitation.

  2. Customizable Text and Photos: Personalize your video invitation by adding your own text and photos. Easily modify the titles of the groom and bride, insert pictures, specify the wedding date, venue, timing, and other event details. The app provides intuitive editing tools to ensure your invitation looks unique and captivating.

  3. Quick and Easy Editing: With just a few taps, you can transform a template into a customized invitation. The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to make changes effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

  4. Various Categories: Video Invitation Maker Studio Ecards covers a wide range of categories to accommodate different events and celebrations. Whether you’re planning a wedding ceremony, Christmas party, birthday bash, engagement or ring ceremony, anniversary celebration, collage event, baby shower, or housewarming party, you’ll find suitable templates for each category.

  5. Beautiful and Professional Designs: The app offers high-quality and visually appealing designs that give your invitation a polished and professional look. Impress your guests with elegant and eye-catching video invitations that reflect the style and theme of your event.

  6. Share and Invite: Once you have finalized your video invitation, easily share it with your friends and family. The app provides seamless sharing options, allowing you to send the invitation via messaging apps, email, social media platforms, or even save it to your device for later use.

Video Invitation Maker Studio Ecards is the ultimate tool for creating personalized, animated video invitations in a matter of seconds. Make your special occasions memorable and impress your loved ones with unique and visually stunning invitation cards.

Perfect app for all these occasions:

  1. Wedding Ceremony: Create beautiful video invitations for weddings, including customizable templates with elegant designs. Personalize the titles of the bride and groom, add their pictures, specify the wedding date, venue, and timing to create a memorable invitation for the special day.

  2. Christmas Party: Spread the holiday cheer with animated video invitations for your Christmas party. Choose from a range of festive templates, add your text and images, and share the invitation with friends and family to gather everyone for a joyful celebration.

  3. Birthday: Make someone’s birthday extra special by designing a personalized video invitation. Select fun and vibrant templates, insert the birthday person’s photos, customize the text with party details, and send out the invitation to ensure a memorable birthday bash.

  4. Engagement/Ring Ceremony: Announce your engagement or ring ceremony in style with video invitations. Browse through templates designed specifically for these occasions, edit the titles, add your photos, include event information, and invite your loved ones to celebrate this milestone in your life.

  5. Anniversary: Commemorate years of love and togetherness with video invitations for your anniversary celebration. Choose elegant templates, update the names of the couple, include their pictures, and add event details to create a heartfelt invitation to share with family and friends.

  6. Baby Shower: Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one with adorable video invitations for a baby shower. Pick from cute and charming templates, personalize the text with the baby’s name, include ultrasound images or photos, and invite friends and family to share in the joyous occasion.

  7. Housewarming: Settle into a new home and invite your loved ones to join the celebration with video invitations for a housewarming party. Choose templates that showcase warmth and hospitality, add photos of your new home, include event details, and welcome your guests to your cozy abode.

With Video Invitation Maker Studio Ecards, you have a wide range of categories to create customized video invitations for various events and occasions, ensuring that each invitation reflects the unique essence of the celebration.

Download and enjoy!

Step 1: Download and Install the App First, download the Invitation Maker, Card Design – Video Invitation app from the respective app store on your device. Install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Launch the App Open the app once it’s installed on your device.

Select Invitation Templates Upon launching, you’ll be presented with various options. Look for the “Invitation Templates” section and tap on it to proceed.

Choose Video Templates

Inside the “Invitation Templates” section, discover a diverse array of video templates designed to cater to various occasions. These templates are conveniently categorized for easy navigation. Follow these steps to find and select the perfect template for your video invitation:

  1. Navigate to “Invitation Templates”: Open the application and locate the “Invitation Templates” section. This is where you’ll find an extensive collection of video templates.

  2. Explore Categories: The templates are organized into different categories to streamline your search. Browse through the categories to identify the one that aligns with the theme or occasion of your event. Categories may include birthdays, weddings, parties, or other special events.

  3. Browse Templates: Within your chosen category, explore the available video templates. Each template is unique and offers a different visual style and theme. Take your time to find a template that resonates with the tone and atmosphere you want for your invitation.

  4. Select Your Favorite: Once you find a video template that captures your attention, tap on it to select it as the base for your video invitation. This will be the starting point for your customization process.

Step 2:- Now, click on the “Change Text” box here and proceed to alter the text step by step. Additionally, you can adjust the text size and explore many more customization options.

Step 3:- Now, follow the steps carefully and edit your invitation video. If you wish to include an image at a specific point in the video, be sure to place the image upload icon in that position and then proceed to upload your photo.

Step 4:- After uploading the image, crop it to achieve the perfect size. Then, click on the ‘Crop & Next’ button to proceed to the next step.

Step 5:- Now, add background music to your invitation video by clicking on ‘Set Music‘ and choose from our selected categories of free music. Alternatively, you can upload your favorite music from your system files by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ option.


  • All done! Now, you can save your video invitation creation using the ‘Save As‘ button. Finally, the ‘Close’ button allows you to conclude the entire video invitation creation process.