Invitation Maker Free : Birthday,Wedding Invite Card

Craft personalized invitation cards effortlessly with our ‘Invitation Maker Free: Birthday, Wedding Invite Card’ app.

Designing custom invitation cards has never been easier with ‘ Invitation Maker Free: Birthday, Wedding Invite Card ‘ Choose from a variety of free invitation templates and seamlessly personalize them with your own images, messages, and more. Whether it’s a party, birthday celebration, wedding ceremony, or engagement, you can create stunning invitation cards within seconds using the app’s beautiful and professional templates.

Not just limited to invitations, this app offers a versatile platform for creating promotional posters, advertisements, offer announcements, cover photos, and much more. With a rich selection of backgrounds, textures, effects, fonts, and stickers, you can effortlessly grab the attention you desire.


  • Cool Photo Stickers
  • Extensive collection of backgrounds
  • Customizable color backgrounds
  • High-level customization support
  • Option to use your own picture as a background texture
  • Easy generation of concepts
  • Direct sharing on social media
  • Add text with diverse poster designs
  • Fine-tune your poster with text alignment, font, color, or effects adjustments
  • Incorporate wonderful stickers handpicked for poster making
  • Add your pictures from the gallery
  • Instantly share your photo posters on any social media platform

The app is equipped with pre-created templates featuring a plethora of amazing fonts that are also editable. It allows you to create social media posts, advertising materials, invitation posters, flyers, promotional creatives, posters, quotes posters, and even carnival posters with ease.

How to Use:

Step 1:-  Click on the ‘Create From Designs’ button to select the invitation template and customize it to make it uniquely yours. Start designing your invitations effortlessly with the user-friendly tools provided by the app. Try it now for free and create amazing posters that garner more likes and customers.

Step 2:-  Begin the creative process by selecting any invitation template to kickstart your editing journey. This unique feature empowers you to craft an invitation from scratch, utilizing a variety of background themes, effects, stickers, emojis, and more. Easily input your details in different fonts, transforming your creation into a festive masterpiece within minutes, thanks to the professional tools provided by the app. Unlock your creativity and design invitations that reflect your unique style!

Step 3:-  After selecting your occasion, you will be directed to a page featuring numerous designs to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the design that resonates with your event, you’ll find yourself on an editing screen equipped with a menu at the bottom. Click on the first option, ‘BG‘ to seamlessly add a background image from your gallery. Enhance the visual appeal of your invitation with a personalized touch by selecting the perfect background.

Step 4:-  Click on ‘Text’ to unleash your creativity by writing in any font, color, size, style, and more. Place your text on the invitation precisely how you envision it, allowing you to customize every detail to perfection. The flexibility of the ‘Text‘ feature empowers you to express your message in a way that suits the theme and tone of your event. Experiment with various options until your text complements your invitation seamlessly.

Step 5:-  Explore the creative possibilities by clicking on ‘Effects‘ Add vibrant effects such as hearts, sunlight, sunset, gradients, and more to infuse your invitation with a dynamic and visually appealing touch. Elevate the overall design with these effects, creating a captivating invitation that sets the tone for your special occasion. Experiment with different effects until you achieve the perfect visual enhancement for your invitation.

Step 6:-  Infuse fun and creativity into your invitation by utilizing the next two options. Add lively emojis or captivating images to make the invitation more interesting and engaging. These options provide a playful touch, allowing you to customize your invitation with elements that reflect the spirit of your event. Enhance the overall appeal and make your invitation stand out with the addition of fun and creative emojis or images.

Step 7:- Once you have done click on save button to save your art in your gallery.

You can share from the the application click on share button and share with your friend and family.